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Harbour wins the Red Dot Award 2021

The seating system Harbour designed by Francesco Rota has won the Red Dot Award in the category Product Design. This prestigious accolade, established in 1955, is awarded each year to the best design products launched during the previous one.

An international jury, composed of over 50 experts linked to the design world, select the best products among thousands of candidates from every part of the world and belonging to the most diverse sectors and access their innovation, usability, formal quality and sustainability content.

A contemporary classic, the Harbour series is designed in the name of elegance and comfort. The ample freedom of composition, the choice of exclusive and sustainable materials and fabrics, such as the Maris fabric that covers the structure and Aerelle® Blue that fills the cushions, are the distinctive features of this collection, a synthesis of innovation, creativity and traditional Italian craftsmanship.

The winning projects will again be part of the traditional collective exhibition that will be set up at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen and that will open to the public on 21st June next.

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GLAS ITALIA at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

GLAS ITALIA  is Official Supplier of Casa Italia Tokyo 2020, headquarters of the Italian Olympic Team and its guests from July 23rd to August 8th 2021.

Casa Italia is hosted in Tokyo at “The Kihinkan – Takanawa Manor House”, a building featuring an early 20th century Art Nouveau architecture, located in the Minato district, about 10 kilometres from the Olympic Village and the Main Press Centre.

The coffee tables LIQUEFY, designed by Patricia Urquiola, and the glass high tables of the STARLIGHT collection have been selected for the public areas and for the big dinign rooms.

A choice not random at all, related to the ultimate symbol of all the Olympic Games: the Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch has been signed by Tokujin Yoshioka, collaborating for years with Glas Italia and as well designer of the STARLIGHT dining tables.

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Zanotta House New York

A place of meeting and relationship

New York, Lower West Side Manhattan: 23 Cornelia Street in Greenwich Village is 5-storey brick building declared “landmark” by the Municipality of New York City. Now it is Zanotta House New York, a place of meeting and relationship that feeds on stories, cultural backgrounds, skills and passion.

The set-up is curated by Tihany Design and allows you to share the experience of use and grasp the meaning of products designed for home and community in a strongly characteristic environment. In this space partners, customers, architects and designers will be able to appreciate the new ways of representing places, projects and people according to the habits and spirit of Zanotta and Tecno and the distinctive values of the brands in the context of meetings and in the development of projects, also on the occasion of a dinner, a business breakfast, a presentation, up to hospitality for the night. Zanotta inaugurates this extraordinary location in the heart of Manhattan: not a showroom or a boutique apartment, but a connector of experiences where the product is directly lived, strengthening the link between the company and its network affirming the quality and the recognition of the Italian brand. An innovative form of representing the brand, which expresses a new business and hospitality model, reflects the evolution of behaviours, translates the ongoing transformations and anticipates the future trends. Inclusiveness and flexibility, empathy and authenticity are found in the environments of the large house, with furnishing solutions imagined around the person and his needs, to ensure the maximum availability to a joint development of projects in the working field as well as in hospitality. The collections are transversal and offer the possibility of a customization thanks to a non-standardized proposal on global codes, which stimulates freedom of choice without imposing a style, bringing life, emotions and relationships back to the centre, according to the grammar of modernity.

Zanotta House New York is an unprecedented format consistent with what Zanotta has already experienced in Milan and Tecno in its Tclub spaces around the world. The two brands strengthen their presence on the American market with the desire to be further close to the needs of the community of designers, specifiers and retailers. Uniqueness, competence, reputation and credibility to consolidate and increase growth in the main international markets. A complete offer for home and hospitality, sectors in which Zanotta has always excelled, and for the creation of new workspaces or relationship, reference area for Tecno.

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Regent’s Crescent

Across the past six years, developers CIT and architects PDP London have worked tirelessly to rebuild the iconic crescent. The final result is now an elegant façade that celebrates Nash’s original designs and ushers the crescent into a new era as home to 68 private residences and 9 garden villas set amongst landscaped gardens.

Molteni&C|Dada Contract Division created custom kitchens and wardrobe systems for the residences at Regent’s Crescent, with designs that articulate the elegant aesthetic found throughout the development.

For the wardrobe systems, Molteni&C|Dada Contract Division opted for hand selected veneers and matt lacquer finishes. The iconic walk-in solutions and hinged door wardrobes are characterized by bespoke recessed handle details, manufactured to bespoke dimensions.

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Living Divani @ Lamborghini Lounge NYC

Living Divani, a leader in Italian upholstery and design, today announced a partnership with renowned super sports car brand, Automobili Lamborghini, for the opening of the exclusive, invite-only Lamborghini Lounge New York City. 
The Lounge New York City, located in the coveted neighborhood of Chelsea in Manhattan, is furnished in partnership with Living Divani in the name of a 100 percent “Made in Italy” experience.

The private space offers its guests an immersive journey into the Lamborghini’s lifestyle and DNA, with access to never-before-seen vehicles, Italian culinary experiences and bespoke exhibitions. Both members of the Altagamma Foundation, the luxury Italian brands committee composed of companies in the fields of design, fashion, food, jewelry, automobiles and hospitality, Living Divani and Lamborghini combine their iconic products for an unforgettable experience by the unique allure of true ambassadors to the Italian culture and lifestyle.

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New York – The “NYC AwardxDesign” given to the Dan chair and Tucano writing desk.

We are proud to announce that two products from the Zanotta collection – the Dan chair for the “Contract seating” category and the Tucano desk for the “Residential desk” category – have won the NYCxDesign Award promoted by the Interior Design Magazine.
For the second year in a row, on May 18th the award ceremony of the NYCxAwards 2021 was broadcast in front of a virtual audience on Sandow’s Design TV as well as Interior Design Magazines Facebook Live, with a selection of the best projects and products that stand out in the main categories and themes of design. This year 553 nominations were selected by Cindy Allen (editor-in-chief) and her jury.
We are very honoured to be awarded for the “Contract seating” category, where the Dan chair (design Patrick Jouin, 2020) took the top prize.Defined by a playfully minimalist frame of tubular bent steel – available in grey and matte black finishes — Dan was conceived for custom outfitting with colourful elastic belts, stretched directly across its lithe structure. Its polyester belts – offered in yellow, string, anthracite and blue, serve as something of an open canvas, welcoming personalization by the end-user in the form of custom-printed graphics and text. The result becomes an opportunity for virtually endless personal expression: a branding tool for companies, or a chance for individuals to articulate a more personal message. Epitomizing design’s individualistic nature, Dan stands out in its category as a singular medium for communication.
In the “Residential Desk” category the Tucano desk was pronounced the winner. This project represents a sophisticated, pragmatically sized work-from-home solution, equally well-suited to contract and hospitality settings. Its deceptively simple frame, tubular, matte black finished steel provides support for a trim but supple surface crafted of natural cowhide which overlays the structure. Visible rivets become a playful decorative element, connecting cowhide flaps across the desktop frame. Over time, with wear and weathering, the cowhide will take on a warm patina, rendering Tucano – like so many of Zanotta’s enduring icons – an inevitable heirloom in the making

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Lamps that can design space with a simple trait

With the idea of offering a complete, elegant and functional living concept, in the last few seasons Giorgetti has been defining its own lifestyle also through the Giorgetti Atmosphere items, a series of refined décor objects. Designed and developed by the company and its Art Director Giancarlo Bosio, the Giorgetti Atmosphere collection can create unique and original environments.

The lighting collection relies on the strength of shapes to offer illuminating objects with great personality. Virginia Harper‘s pencil came up with the Dunes suspension lamp, which draws inspiration from 1950s design and inserts LED strips into the cut of the wooden structure. “The project comes from my passion for classic materials, which I love to rethink in an unusual way: in this case, the inspiration comes from the sandy landscape with its natural waves, behind which something seems to be hiding. I wanted to create a sculptural object that could be suspended in a room, that would really show the malleability of wood and the variety of nuances that walnut can reveal depending on how it is shaped,” said designer Virginia Harper.

The New Kendama lighting family designed by Massimo Zazzeron has been defined in Murano glass workmanship: the handcrafted blown bubbles are enriched with aluminium and iron oxides to give a warm and precious light. “The spheres recall an ancient and fascinating tradition, in which metal powders are randomly arranged inside the glass: every object is unique and unrepeatable because it is the result of an unpredictable process. The pewter finish also reminds us of the past, recalling beer glasses and tableware used in the ancient world,” said Giancarlo Bosio, Giorgetti Art Director.

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