Pass-Word, design Dante Bonuccelli, the living-room system designed for contemporary homes, is evolving radically to meet new ways of using domestic spaces, marked by the growing presence of multimedia entertainment systems and/or Home Working, alongside the more traditional objects such as books and ornaments.

Storage units are moving towards less minimalist forms, with rounded edges for wing or tip-up doors and wood or lacquered drawers, all with flush metal handles. The classic cedarwood scented interior is joined by a new melamine finish, Batik in slate grey and beige, designed to be functional and low maintenance.

Marble, wood or lacquered tops and newly designed metal feet complete the system. A thick top fitted with built-in wiring compartments, designed to conceal all the wires and connections, can be used both as a support for the TV and/or for media equipment or as a writing surface for a Home Office system.

The tops can be fitted with a concealed LED lighting system designed to diffuse indirect light in the surrounding space. The intensity can be regulated with a remote control. Vertical Stopsol H 120-finish glass storage units, complete with 4 glass shelves lit by concealed LEDs, designed for displaying favourite or precious objects, accessible via a wing door with push&pull opening.


DESIGN Dante Bonuccelli